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This is the building block I always use to begin any of my meditations, sessions or healing work. And, is the very last thing I personally do before I leave my doorstep everyday.

Oh Boy, can I tell when I forget to do this quick and simple

meditation in the morning. .. Yuck!!


You owe it to yourself, to take at least two

minutes out of your daily life to do this every morning. Eventually this will become as second nature for you as brushing your teeth.


As a beacon of light, all negative diversities have absolutely no power or control over you, unless you allow it. You don’t step into a thunderstorm without any protection. You should follow the same precautions and not step outside without energetically putting a circle of positive, loving white around you. This helps to push away the ugliness.



Close your eyes and simply visualize a circle of

white light all around you. Ask for only the highest

of lights. Only those that come to you in the path of Spirit/God for the highest of good are allowed to

come near you. All others, gently but respectfully please leave at once…  


Sit with this as long as you like and then open your eyes.. 



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