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HL Schaeffer's newly released candid memoir, " H IS FOR HEALING: INSIDE THE LIFE OF A PSYCHIC HEALER AND 9/11 SURVIVOR", is the touching recount of one man's journey of discovery to becoming a healer and spiritual communicator. 

As if growing up isn't already fun enough, imagine the added laughs of also being psychic. Boisterous and animated, H tells it like it is with an unrestrained, humorous flair. Follow him on his journey through the trials and tribulations of a challenging childhood in Brooklyn, his special relationship with his grandmother, and having to constantly deal with living between the world of the here and now-and the hereafter.


HL has been able to see and feel spirits for as long as he can remember being conscious. He is able to communicate and assist in helping to heal the living and, at times, just as easily, to heal and communicate with the spirit world. Thru his own challenges and recovery, HL strengthens his natural gifts and has developed tools helping others to awaken, connect, and develop their own ultimate potential spiritual, intuitive, and healing abilities. 


HL's travels have taken him back to the ancient world, where he has reunited with his past-life teachers. Countless fascinating experiences throughout his life have shaped him into the compassionate, easy-to-confide-in person he is today. HL affectionately refers to himself as a human telephone pole between our physical & the spirit world.

As a 9/11 survivor, HL has an exceptional and intimate understanding of the after effects of trauma and how best to heal those painful wounds. He specializes in a variety of issues including severe anxiety, panic attacks, hypnotic regressions and post traumatic stress. HL has extensive experience with healing work in support of the 9/11 community for individuals, groups, and corporations. 

Additionally, HL is sought after for his intuitive consultations, psychic investigations, medical intuitive insight, film & entertainment companies. 



Endorsed by Raven Keyes, RMT, named NY's BEST Reikimaster by New York Magazine for her groundbreaking work with Dr. Oz, as well as her 9/11 (ground zero) work. 


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