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Ultra-Violet light is unconditional love in the highest of forms.

It looks like the image to the left.


Allow yourself to picture a circle of Ultra-Violet (UV) light

all around you.  Allow this Ultra-Violet light to surround you, to become a part of you. Inhale through your nose. 


Breathing from the diaphragm. With each deep breath, you are becoming at one with this light. With each exhale

through your mouth. You are this Ultra-Violet light.


Allow yourself to imagine there is a circle of garbage cans within this circle of ultra violet light. These garbage

cans are magnetic. They attract all the negative energies within and around you. With each breath, allow yourself to

let go of the pain.  All the junk that no longer serves you for the highest of good. 


With each breath, the garbage cans keep filling up.

With each exhale, you are free of everything that holds you back. Continue you breathing, as you release more and more..


When the garbage cans fill up, they automatically explode into rainbows. You can now open your eyes. 

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