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Life is too serious to be taken too seriously.       This is why I am known as “THE LAUGHING HEALER”.



We are all born with it, those innate talents found deep within us. These special gifts are our energetic fingerprints. They make up the dynamic uniqueness of why you are you. It is through the internal search within, where you can discover and tap into your own special abilities.


 I call it our “HEALER’S MUSCLE”.


We all have this healer's muscle, and there are some like myself, whose muscle just happens to be wired to a higher vibration.


People, places, things and spaces and just about everything you can think of, can always use a healing too. We all have walked

into a space where something just doesn't feel right. You can't

put your finger on it, nothing looks out of place, but the energies circulating are are just no good. Yuck ..


As an intuitive healer, I am able to tap into the core of where

these disturbances originate from and transform them to now vibrate and exude wonderful, positive energies. At times, I will

call upon the spiritual world for their assistance and guidance

in bringing about the optimal healing.


Being a 9/11 survivor, I have an intimate understanding of extreme trauma, phobias, loss of self-direction and the pangs of the heart. What I have experienced has helped me to become the intuitive healer I am today.


Throughout the course of my life, I have learned to embrace and harness my gift. Through my special combination of methods, tools, and techniques, I can assist you in harnessing your own special gift. Achieving your own self-enlightenment will allow

you the tools to control your life's optimal path.


You will feel empowered and free of all obstacles that has held you back from achieving your goals.

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