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Some of My Tools, I Use in Sessions

As with all new experiences, come into your session with nothing. Coming into a situation with nothing, clears the way for 100% endless possibilities to happen.

When you walk into a situation with preconceived notions, you set limitatations

upon your field of new possibilities. 


Numerology is the energetic study of numbers. All numbers vibrate to specific energy frequency. All letters, such as a person’s name can be broken down into a number. Different combinations of numbers and their placement can have a 100% totally different energy from each other.


Numbers are like radio frequencies. As a healer, I am able to tap into these frequencies and receive messages from them. It allows me to fine tune myself as a conduit between yourself and Spirit.


Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki meaning universal life energy. Reiki is an ancient healing technique that uses the life force energy

( Ki ) to heal & balance the subtle energies within your body.


I find Reiki as one of the most effective of all energy healings. It is very powerful, yet so gentle. It is totally non-invasive. This wonderful energy assists with your optimal healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


Guardian Angels/ Spirit Guides We all have our own, who watch over and assist in gearing us to learning our life lessons. They from what can harm us, especially from ourselves. When your life is running out of control, spirit guides are here to direct you back onto your optimal life path. They will give you that gentle nudge needed throughout your life.


If you quiet your mind, you can open yourself up to directly connecting with your guides and understanding their messages for you. You can also have guardian angels who are very much living in the physical world as you are. 


My Grandma was absolutely my living guardian angel throughout my life. Since she has transcended, she looks over myself even more so as one of my most powerful spirit guides.  We still have our regular communications. 


Past Life Regression HypnosisMany of the paths we take in our current lives are more or less associated with our previous incarnations, when our souls walked upon this planet in different bodies. When a client comes to me, I am able to scan their body and their subsequent energy fields. I am then able to detect if there is a blockage in any area of the body’s energy meridians.


I bring you into a state of deep meditative state of relaxation.

First, I bring you back to the point in this life, where the issues began. From there, we explore your past selves, where these problematic energetic patterns originated from.    


By healing your past, you are able to heal your present life. As well as free yourself up, for a future of endless possibilities.


Most importantly, you do not have to believe in past lives to have a past life regression healing. Before your session, allow yourself to suspend all disbeliefs for the moment.  Allow whatever "story" or images from your sub-consciousness come to you.  Do not force.


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